4am in the Pilliga


Pilliga moonrise

To all who came and all that will I thank you!!

My forest
From the eagle to the snake, a connection flows
The rain falls and the wind blows
The sun shines bright
And oh, the stars in the night
My forest is worth keeping
In my forest children learn
Parents teach and passions burn
Together we stand
Locked hand to hand
For my forest is worth keeping
This forest filters water
Shelters my son, shelters my daughter
As they grow
They will know
Their forest is worth keeping
From these trees and with ease
Knowledge comes
Do not pillage
Do not plunder
Their forest is worth keeping
Days for fighting this crazy pest
Days of laughter and a little rest
All the people stand together
Our forest is worth keeping
Up ahead are the times
No more drilling, no more mines
No more fighting
No more push
For our forest is worth keeping
I’ll remember that day
To my grandkids I’ll say
Great people came and together stood
Risking freedom
Knowing greed from the good
Your forest was worth keeping
Shannon Stone

6th February

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