Arrests likely in Narrabri protest targeting Santos on day of AGM – May 4 2016

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Two people are locked into a cement lined car blockading Santos near Narrabri

Coincides with protests in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Newcastle

Supports delegation of farmers and Traditional Owners inside the Adelaide AGM

A local Coonabarabran man and a women from Lismore are risking arrest today by locking into a cement lined car and blockading the Santos Operations Centre near Narrabri to coincide with the company’s 2016 Annual General Meeting.

This year alone there has been approximately 300 protest incidents at Santos’ CSG operations near Narrabri. Peaceful protests at Santos’ Leewood wastewater treatment facility have caused significant delays with construction taking over five months when the original timeline aimed for a two and half month construction schedule.

David Paull is a local landowner and an expert in the ecology of the Pilliga. “I’m locked into a concrete lined car and blockading Santos’ CSG activities to demonstrate our absolute determination to prevent the establishment of the Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga.

“On the day of the 2016 Santos AGM we want the new CEO, Kevin Gallagher to know that the North West NSW community and our statewide supporters are determined to continue concerted blockades of any attempts to construct CSG works in this region.

“As an ecologist I know the irreplaceable biodiversity values of the Pilliga better than most. The Pilliga is one of 15 Federally listed biodiversity hotspots and a coal seam gasfield here would directly threaten the survival of at least 10 threatened or endangered species.”

Naomi Tarrant is a 42 year-old women from Lismore and is locked on with David. “I’m risking arrest to show support for the people of North West NSW. There are thousands of people from across our state who support the Traditional Custodians, farmers and residents of this region in their battle to keep it Gasfield Free. No one wants to see these unique lands damaged beyond repair, as has happened in QLD.

“In 2014 international investment analysts Credit Suisse awarded a 50% risk rating to the Narrabri Gas Project and stated its greatest risk was coordinated mass opposition from across NSW. It’s incredible to see this risk played out with locals working with other communities from across NSW to peacefully oppose and significantly delay all CSG works in the North West region.”

David Paull concluded: “Santos has totally written off the Narrabri Gas Project with a $0.00 valuation.  It’s beyond time that Santos reads the writing on the wall, listens to the opposition of the local people and our diverse supporters and abandons this worthless project.”

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