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Winter Hibernation


A successful Pilliga Push is closing for this round of the long-term campaign against Santos’ 850 well Narrabri CSG proposal for the Pilliga – the very last CSG proposal left in NSW.
Big thanks to every single person who took action, donated, visited camp, liked and shared our posts. A huge thanks to Pilliga Pottery for hosting us on their property. 
We brought state and national attention to this dangerous project. We targeted the construction of Santos’ toxic Leewood CSG wastewater treatment plant and our actions showed that all CSG work in the Pilliga will be peacefully interrupted and effectively delayed. Leewood was scheduled to take three months to construct – it has taken closer to six months, Santos are not yet finished commissioning and have been plagued by problems.
There have been 39 total lock ons and 43 people arrested or charged, multiple fines and many hundreds participated. 
Now construction at Leewood is close to finished the camp will go into winter hibernation. The Pilliga Push camp in its current form is closing down but we’re not going away, just as Santos is not going away. A nearby presence will remain to help locals monitor Santos’ activities and compliance.  Over coming months Santos may go ahead installing an irrigation system to begin its dangerous CSG waste water irrigation experiment at Leewood. 
If there is an appropriate time for action we will put the call out, and we hope you will come – whether that be in one month or twelve. Text 0499 384 557 with your location to be added to the alert list. 
Pilliga Push strengthened the CSG movement in NSW and broadened its commitment to include the precious Pilliga forest. When the time comes for further action we will again show our strength by an immediate response from our diverse and peaceful movement. 

Nature Conservation Council NSW: Protest Anti-Protest NSW Legislation

Dear Everyone,

As early as tomorrow, the Baird government plans to rush through anti-protest legislation in an attempt to silence community protest against mining giants, logging companies and climate polluters.

The right to protest is at the core of our democracy. Show Premier Baird you won’t sit by and let big business re-write our laws – join us for a protest at midday tomorrow (Tuesday) outside the NSW Parliament.

If it weren’t for committed people standing up for what they believe in, the Franklin River would have been dammed, our beautiful rainforests would have been logged and the Northern Rivers and Gloucester would soon have become coal seam gas fields.

Join us tomorrow and leave Premier Baird a message that coal and gas giants should never decide our laws.

When: 12pm, Tuesday, March 15.

Where: In front of the NSW Parliament, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney. Map here.

What: Show Premier Baird you oppose his anti-protest laws and hear from community leaders concerned about the changes.

Share: Invite your friends to come via the Facebook event here.

The proposed anti-protest laws were announced on the same day the government said it would reduce fines for mining companies breaking the law from over $1 million to only $5,000.

If passed, the proposed anti-protest laws would:

  • Increase fines for aggravated entry onto inclosed lands (i.e. trespassing on a mine site) tenfold from $550 to $5,500;
  • Threaten up to seven years jail for those who interfere with mining or coal seam gas equipment;
  • Expand the powers of police to break up protests and forcibly move people on; and
  • Give new search and seizure powers to police to reduce the ability to ‘lock-on’ anywhere in the state, not simply at protest sites.

    Today we stand on the shoulders of a proud history of protest in NSW. In honour of those who have laid the path for us and those who will come after, we must show the Baird government the right to protest is non-negotiable.

    Let us know you’re coming on Facebook and ask you friends.

    If you can’t join us, please leave a message for Premier Baird by calling his office on (02) 8574 5000. By hitting the streets and the phone lines, let’s send our Premier a loud message that we won’t be silenced.


    Daisy Barham
    Campaigns Director
    Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Red Dirt Alert March 2016


Thank you to every single person who has made the #PilligaPush what are today, we have pushed this industry and government to a whole new realm.

We now have one 4-6 weeks left of serious construction of Leewood, Santos water treatment facility in the Pilliga NW NSW.

After the construction we will broaden the campaign strategy and ask everyone in NSW to become involved and active before the next election.

The recent legal retaliation by the Baird Government is an attack on our peaceful efforts to protect land and water from CSG in the Pilliga.

We cannot let this deter us. At the Pilliga Push camp over coming weeks we will use new creativity to help support the local community and demonstrate that people from near and far will not accept the CSG risk to our collective future.

On March 22 is World Water Day; on this day we will join global celebrations of our planet’s most important resource. In the Pilliga the water flows underground, it filters through the sandstone and recharges the aquifers below. The Pilliga sits atop the Great Artesian Basin, a giant underground water source that the farming communities of North West NSW and beyond utterly rely upon.

On the 22nd we will join with the local community to celebrate this resource in creative ways and it would be great to have you here to do this with us!

Please phone the camp phone for more info: 0499 384 557

Pilliga Push Converge!

PP Feb 2016 Converge Program1 PP Feb 2016 Converge Program2

  • If you can, please BYO chair, plate and cup plus $10/day to help cover costs.

  • If you want to bring anything to contribute further, some ideas are: fresh produce, cakes and slices, meat, or solar lights for the paths!

  • It would also help to BYO drinking water.

  • If you’re gluten free, it would help to BYO bread etc.

PP camp directions