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You can help to continue the work of Daniel Lanzini by donating straight to him through this link. All funds will be used in the continuing work to protect the Pilliga forest from gas giant Santos.

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  1. Ray says:

    Hi Dan,

    I just penned a comment to a link on Jo Birtus’s page to which a person suggested I put here.
    I should say that I believe every cent of every donation made in the belief that that donation is helping a particular cause must be accountable.

    “Hi Jo – what a wonderful laksa you prepared tonight! Thank you so much! Xx
    Now as a result of checking out the organisation you are helping called ; I want to know why a relatively tiny amount of the tens of thousands of dollars donated is not being made available to you to AT THE VERY LEAST cover your expenses; plus a modest financial gratuity as a recognition of your enormous efforts. This from the Donations Page of the aforementioned site:-
    “Your financial contribution will go directly to the front line of communities working to protect this amazing country, its extraordinary landscapes and people, from reckless coal and gas expansion.”
    You are at the frontline so why are you not being compensated. I notice donations are from $20 – $1000 but not a clue as to how much has been raised OR WHERE THAT MONEY IS BEING SPENT. If it’s not going to help people like you who is on the “frontline” WHERE is it going? I want to know who is keeping accounts in this organisation and where these accounts are available for public scrutiny!”



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