Five ‘Climate Angels’ arrested at Santos’ Leewood plant in Pilliga

Today five middle aged and elderly women dressed as “Climate Guardian Angels” were dragged away and arrested whilst blocking the road into Santos’ Leewood CSG wastewater treatment plant. They’ve taken this action as part of the escalating campaign against Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga.

PP Angel arrest2The Angels blocked access to the Santos Leewood facility and interrupted construction works there by standing together and holding red fabric across the road. The group also attended the Paris Climate Talks in December 2015 where they led a march holding the red line of fabric.

Great grandmother June Norman from Brisbane is one of the heavenly host that graced the frontline with their presence today. “The red line we held today symbolises a boundary that cannot be crossed, a planetary boundary, a climatic boundary. The red line symbolises the urgency of keeping fossil fuels in the ground to avoid catastrophic warming.

“We have held the red line at the Pilliga frontline to symbolise the end of coal seam gas in NSW.PP Angel arrest1

“I am a great grandmother who is concerned about the future and what I am leaving or my grandchildren. Australia is a beautiful, safe country that I have enjoyed. It is my duty to do whatever I can to protect it for future generations. If it takes civil disobedience to protect our natural world then this is what I am prepared to do.”

The opposition to the Santos Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga is escalating with 24 arrested, a total of 27 people charged, and numerous infringements. In addition another 11 people have risked arrest through locking on to machinery or gates but have avoided charges.

Since AGL’s announcement last Thursday that it’s abandoning its Gloucester Gas Field and its expansion at Camden, Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project is the last remaining CSG proposal in NSW and is the central target for anti-CSG protestors in NSW.PP Angel arrest3

Leewood CSG plant is the subject of a legal challenge regarding the legality of its approval. Narrabri group People for the Plains and the EDO will argue its assessment should require public consultation and an EIS. The case is set for hearing on the 6th and 8th April.

The five women aged between 50 and 75 are currently in custody at the Narrabri Police Station.

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