Pilliga Push Camp – Declaration of Peaceful Direct Action – GAB Report

Final GAB report - Tittle pageby Ian Sutton

Great Artesian Basin Report – Download Here

The Pilliga Push Camp is committed to protecting the waters of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) and Murray Darling Basin by educating, uniting and mobilising communities. We shall sustain a Peaceful Direct Action (PDA) campaign to stop the development of Santos’s Narrabri Gas Project and the resulting destruction of the Pilliga (Billarrga) forest and its biodiversity, Gamilaraay sacred sites and cultural identity, as well as surrounding farmlands and the rural economy.

The Billarrga is one of very few significant recharge zones for the entire Great Artesian Basin (GAB), which extends over 22% of Australia and maintains base flows to countless wetlands, streams and rivers. This land is an incredibly sacred water sink, where the water cycle enters the largest underground water reservoir in the world, as well as contributes significantly to the head of pressure that helps drive the underground water flows.

This head of pressure created beneath the Billarrga enables the release of water back to the surface in more arid zones in Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and NSW, through natural springs and bores.

This process also helps hydrate the Murray Darling Basin and contributes significantly to the base flows of the Darling River.

Coal seams act as landscape filters, and the extreme water pressures deep below the ground have locked in hundreds of millions of years of accumulated salts and toxins, including volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and radioactive particles.

To release the gas from the coal seams Santos need to de-water and de-pressurise them, and in the process extract massive and unsustainable amounts of water from our underground reserves. The decrease in water pressure within the coal seams will impact significantly on the head of pressure driving the GAB, as well as release the salts and toxins.

In short, this campaign is about saving Australia’s future water security, food security and economic prosperity. ‘Water Is Life’, and once we destroy the water, there is no longer an economy,  community or ecology.

Great Artesian Basin Report – Download Here

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  1. James says:

    This is the most wonderful course. Without our protectors our arid land is going to die as there is no one out there to protect it

  2. David Paull says:

    Good job! Dewatering the coal seams will dewater the GAB, just a minor question of time lag! Hopefully people will see that all our underground water is connected.

  3. Agustin says:

    Governments and corporations have never been interested in any community’s health and well being … Why is it legal and not accountable?¿ AaAaAah!¡ that’s right the law makers are on the same page… Corruption feeds corruption.

  4. Denise says:

    This is disgraceful to even think anyone could even consider this , what else do they want to take from and land . This makes me sick that anyone would even want to do this , indigenous people own this land not coal mine and gas companies !

  5. Claudia says:

    This is not a local issue! This is the issue from all of us Australians—it is our water, it is our aquifer! That is why we are joining from far and close….

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