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Red Dirt Alert March 2016


Thank you to every single person who has made the #PilligaPush what are today, we have pushed this industry and government to a whole new realm.

We now have one 4-6 weeks left of serious construction of Leewood, Santos water treatment facility in the Pilliga NW NSW.

After the construction we will broaden the campaign strategy and ask everyone in NSW to become involved and active before the next election.

The recent legal retaliation by the Baird Government is an attack on our peaceful efforts to protect land and water from CSG in the Pilliga.

We cannot let this deter us. At the Pilliga Push camp over coming weeks we will use new creativity to help support the local community and demonstrate that people from near and far will not accept the CSG risk to our collective future.

On March 22 is World Water Day; on this day we will join global celebrations of our planet’s most important resource. In the Pilliga the water flows underground, it filters through the sandstone and recharges the aquifers below. The Pilliga sits atop the Great Artesian Basin, a giant underground water source that the farming communities of North West NSW and beyond utterly rely upon.

On the 22nd we will join with the local community to celebrate this resource in creative ways and it would be great to have you here to do this with us!

Please phone the camp phone for more info: 0499 384 557